2023 MUSF Carnival Wrist Band Purchase

Thank you for your interest in 2023 MUSF Carnival All Access Wrist Bands which give children 2 and up UNLIMITED access to games and rides. Kids 2 and under are FREE. Adults do not need to purchase a ticket! You can pick up your Wrist Bands at the Carnival during the event.

Golden Dunk Tank Ticket - $20.00 - with a limit of 75 sold
Take your chance to dunk Mr. Ranii, Mr. Ito or Dr. Bruski from 12 - 1 pm. Limited tickets sold, 1 chance per ticket

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Wrist Band Purchase - Advance Purchase Wrist Band Purchase - Advance Purchase

Price each $40

Golden Dunk Tank Ticket Golden Dunk Tank Ticket

Price each $20

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