The MUSF Board

The Montecito Union School Foundation Board is made up of parents from the school as well as a teacher representative and Anthony Ranii. If you are interested in filling one of our vacant seats, please contact us. If a board position is not of interest but you are still interested in getting involved there are a number of committees that the board oversees that are always looking for volunteers.

Tara Fergusson Photo
Carolyn Fitzgerald Photo

Carolyn Fitzgerald

Vice President
Dodie McBroom Photo

Dodie McBroom

Jillian Wittman Photo
Erica Leggio Photo

Erica Leggio

Gina Brooke Photo

Gina Brooke

Community Building Events
Meika McCrindle Photo

Meika McCrindle

School Programs
Cathy Bunnin Photo

Cathy Bunnin

Ben Hyatt Photo

Ben Hyatt

Mustang Fund / Web
Vanessa Scarlett Photo

Vanessa Scarlett

Teacher Member
Carly Bobek Photo

Carly Bobek

Member At Large
Jennie Burkart Photo

Jennie Burkart

Member At Large
Cameron Gray Photo

Cameron Gray

Member At Large
Anthony Ranii Photo

Anthony Ranii

Non-Voting Member
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