2022 MUSF Enchanted Evening Dance

2022 MUSF Starry Night Enchanted Evening Dance

MUSF Presents...

MUSF Starry Night Enchanted Evening Dance 2022

Hosted By: Montecito Union School Foundation

Join MUSF for a magical evening featuring DJ Hectik with games, prizes and refreshments. Suggested price per child $25 in support of our school. We encourage families to dine at local businesses including Bettina and Rori's who have agreed to give a percentage of sales back to MUSF.

6PM to 8PM in the MUS Courtyard

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Important Terms

* Parents must supervise their children.
* Parent assumes full responsibility for all risks of any and every kind involved from my participation at the MUSF Enchanted Evening Dance.

Without limiting the generality or the foregoing, I hereby irrevocably release MUSF, it's volunteers, parents, representative subcontractors and affiliates from, and hold them harmless for, all claims rights, demands or causes of actions whether known or unknown suspected or unsuspected arising out of the MUSF Enchanted Evening Dance activity/event.

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