Talent Show

Welcome to the 2019 MUS Carnival Talent show!

We are pleased to announce that Your Child will be performing at the carnival! Below you will see your child listed in a specific one-hour time slot. Please have your child at the stage at their call time listed below. They will perform within that hour. If you do not see your child on the list you may contact Sharmin Manzarek at Sharminm@me.com.

Thank you, and see you at the show on Saturday, June 1!

10 AM

1. Annabelle Waldinger, Olivia Wanberg, Ava Jane Damery and Camilla Joffrey - 4th-grade group Dancing to “Me and my broken heart”

2. Magnolia Wanberg, Gabrielle Waldinger, Elliott Miller and Lauren Jenkins - Dancing to “Fight Song”- 1st-grade group

3. Maggie Ranii playing handmade drum set made from recycled materials and featuring Mr. Ranii juggling

4. Cosima Joffrey and Gwyn Carty singing “Do Re Mi”

5. Kaya Hernandez and Abby Roth- dancing to “Believer”

6. Stella Peus and Violet Marr - as Gardeners Dancing to “Sunflower”

7. Anwen Meyer, Cameron Crail, Celeste Colling and Liliana McDermott - Second Grade Group Dancing to “You belong with me”

11 AM

8. Charlotte Cartagena and Koa Modisette - 6th graders singing shallow with koa on guitar

9. Koa Modisette- singing and playing “stay with me”

10. Laurel Hermann- singing “Girl on Fire”

11. Elle McCrindle - hoola hooping and Dancing to “Lucky”

12. Riley Hyatt -singing “Rainbow” acapella

13. Charlie Cate Cardot -singing “Cough Syrup”

14. Claire Cardot, Mila, and Alessandra - Dancing the Macarena

12 AM

15. Maddyn Hanacek and Lilly Long- duet on “Join us for a bite”

16. Maddyn, Lilly and Camille - trio on “So Am I”

17. Max Bunnin - card trick

18. Isla Gonzalez - flamenco dance

19. Charlie Day- drumming

20. Sienna James-5th grade Dancing “This Feeling”

21. Devin Robinson and Rosie Murren-Doherty- duets on piano to “heart and soul”


22. Emily Oakley, Paloma Rudnicky, and Reilly Spieker - dance and sing to “Fight Song”

23. Cana Spieker, Amelia Dracht, Tallulah Koepenick and Saeja Cossart - 2nd-grade group singing and dancing to “party in the USA”

24. May Rapp- singing her own original song, “Fun”

25. Kate Duncan - Dancing to “buyork buyork”

26. Maddie Journey and Caroline Horton- singing “Riptide”

27. Maddie Journey - solo singing “This is Me”

28. Cason Hammond and Lizzie Hazelton- singing and act -“The other side”

2 PM

29. Lovelynn Wills, Jaya Goforth, Othello Gonzalez and Aaliyah Arias - doing an Act to “Uptown Funk you up”

30. Mia Richmond, Mili Hamilton, Sage Malmsten, Hannah Hedrick - Dancing to “old town road”

31. Brynn Jensen -singing and playing guitar “say you won’t let go”

32. Keira McWilliams - singing, “you will be found”

33. Hawk Modisette - on drums

34. Sunny Saal - 2nd grade singing “Roar”

35. Harper Halbardier plus two friends- dance to party in the USA

36. Harper Halbardier and friend - perform Cup song